Naturist Lifestyle

Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. promotes a lifestyle for health and wellness conscious individuals who enjoy clothing-optional, naturist or nudist recreation in Thailand. Our concept is based on the well-known positive effect of naturism on stress and tensions and its boosting effect on self respect, body and mindfulness.

Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. organizes naturist health & wellness holidays and fitness & spa retreat weekends for couples as well as individuals of all ages with or without children. We are looking to rent a variety of resorts to be enjoyed for a specific period of time exclusively for our members.

Non-Sexual Concept
Our adherence to the fundamental non-sexual concept of naturism ensures that single women can relax in complete safety and experience the full enjoyment of social nakedness during their stay.

Family Lifestyle
Contrary to other therapies, naturism is a family inclusive lifestyle. We engage the strong and invigorating forces of naturism or nudism in boosting the recreational value our members' quality time together with their children and other members in a relaxed atmosphere of body awareness and mutual acceptance.

Stress vs Wellbeing
It is well known among naturists that even shorter periods of naturism creates a recreational wellness value matched otherwise only by much longer vacations.

Stress and everyday concerns are likely to vanish completely through the practicing of naturism as health, wellness and body-mind-spirit awareness improves.

The Secret
The secret to the pleasure of naturism or nudism is the mindfulness and ultimate body awareness experience which is created by the feeling of the water flowing unhindered against your skin when swimming naked, the complete absorption of the sun on your whole body, the unrestrained caress of your skin by the evening breeze when strolling along the beach in the sunset.


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Am I a Naturist/Nudist?

Do you sleep in the nude?  When you wake up do you go about your daily household tasks in the nude? Do wash your dishes or clothes, cook, eat, watch TV or be on the computer nude? If so, you are a naturist/nudist. If you don’t do any of these you should try, and you will get the feeling of what Naturism/nudism is like. If you enjoy or are comfortable living like this, introduce it to your companion. When you think you are ready, join us for a weekend event.

What does a Naturist/Nudist look like?
With our clothes on it is hard to tell us apart from others. We look like anybody else, well maybe we are more self assured, relaxed, or friendly. We are easy to talk to and we make friends easily. We don’t have superstar bodies, we don’t look like super models. We look just like the person sitting in the next office or at next table at lunch. We come from all walks of life, some of us are doctors, truck drivers, office workers, business executives, cooks, maids, farmers, engineers, designers, soldiers, or clerks. You just can tell with our clothes off.

I don’t live in Thailand!
That’s fine with us. We can see you when you come on your vacation to Thailand. Many international visitors join us because they enjoy coming to Thailand and want to enjoy the same things they do back home. And because we have such great beaches and weather.

Naturism/Nudism is illegal in Thailand!
Yes, public nudity is illegal in Thailand. We don’t go nude in public. We have private events at resorts that are Naturist Friendly or at remote beach locations.